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"Harder than Ironman, Fairer than Ironman."

Andrew Fisher, First Isoman Champion. Click to read review

"Martyn Brunt of 220 takes on the Isoman..."

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Coming to America 2019. Pre-register now and Make it Happen!

The Isoman Full

7 Miles (11.2 km) Swim, 61.3 Miles (98.7 km) Bike, 26.2 Miles (42.1 km) Run

The Isoman Half

3.5 Miles (5.6 km) Swim, 30.6 Miles (49.2 km) Bike, 13.1 Miles (21.1 km) Run

The Isoman Quarter

1.75 Miles (2.8 km) Swim, 15.3 Miles (24.5 km) Bike, 6.55 Miles (10.5 km) Run


The Isoman Triathlon USA

Game Changer Zone 3

2019 - :Lake Erie

The Equaliser!

The best kept secret of triathlon is that it doesn't test you to the limit in all 3 disciplines....until now

In Isoman there is no where to hide.

Swim 7 Miles, Bike 61.3 Miles, Run 26.2 Miles

Harder than Ironman...Possibly?
Fairer than Ironman..Definitely!

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We've already taken the UK by storm winning 220 magazines Game Changer of the Year in our first year and, following a very successful second year, we have already had a flood of entrants for 2017! But my dream for Isoman was never about simply conquering the green and pleasant land of my birth, and the responses and requests we've already received from around the world suggest that it has the potential for being much bigger. So in 2018, we are planning two extra races to run along side the UK race, one in Australia (Brisbane) and one in America (TBC but possibly Lake Erie).

Initial plans are already in place, but we need you to make it happen. All you have to do for now is pre-register and express your interest in the race occurring. And of course spread the word far and wide - and get your friends to sign up too!

If we get enough interest then we will pencil in a date, confirm the location and open up entries with a discounted rate for all those willing to believe. If the race does not go ahead because of lack of interest then all entrance fees will be refunded in full.

Some of you may have noticed that we'd originally plan to hold this in 2018. However due to time constraints this has now bee put back to 2019. After the UK race this year we will be dedicating ourselves to making this race a reality in the USA in 2019

Gary Jarvis (Founder and Race Director)

So what's it all about?

Most triathlon events are biased mainly towards the cycling and to a slightly lesser extent towards the running. Iron distance pros for example will spend only 10% of the total time swimming, 54% of the time cycling and 36% of the time running. The aim of Isoman is to address this imbalance and create a triathlon for which all disciplines demand an equal level of excellence.
Pie Chart Pie Chart

The history of the first iron distance triathlon suggests that it was created out of a desire to see who was the fittest across the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. They did this by bolting together 3 individual long distance events that existed on a particular island in the Pacific Ocean. They produced an amazing endurance event but never achieved their original goal!

To excel at Iron distance triathlon you must be an excellent cyclist/runner.

To excel in Isoman you need to be an excellent triathlete!

In 2019 we are coming to the USA. Make it happen. Pre-register now.
Want to know where the numbers come from?

Medal, Goody bag, T-Shirt and Party! And the chance to be part of this spectacular day of endurance!

All abilities welcome?

Not quite ready for the full Isoman yet? No problem - we have something for everyone with the half and quarter distances. Also, you can choose to do the event your way and pick and choose which distances of each of the disciplines you want to do. Or do them on their own!

One of our guiding principles with setting up Isoman was to make it inclusive, not only to elites, but to beginners alike and create a single day of endurance where individuals from the swimming, cycling, running and triathlon community can all come together and enjoy the sports we love.

The format will be the same as in the UK.

Single Discipline Events/Relays

These will take place throughout the day roughly in line with the triathlons, giving you the opportunity to compete in 1 or more of the disciplines - the choice is yours.

Isoman Zone3 Big Swim Isoman Speeds Cycle Isoman Newton Marathon

And because of the unique nature of our event, you will be able to compete with people doing a different discipline. So if your friend's a runner and you're a swimmer. Lay down the gauntlet and challenge him to fair duel!

If you have two friend's with different abilities then team up and do a relay! For the first time in triathlon, all legs of the relay will have an equal bearing on the result!

At the end of these single sport events we will put you all back together in a list and award a prize to the athlete who has the best time on any single event

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